Our X-factor is being able to conceptualise, design, model, prototype at assembly level, and then small batch manufacture an engineered product or specialised service for a customer’s mechanical application requirements involving tooling, wear parts, and assemblies with inherent deficiencies.

This process has been one of our most innovative service offerings to our customers with whom we have long standing relationships. At Kamra this whole process can take place under one roof where every step is quality controlled. Customer on-site visits are discussed with internal personnel who are able to incorporate this feedback and then manufacture in our machine shop and workshop.

Kamra’s customers have told us over the years what their problems are, and often how they would like to fix them, and we listen. This collaborative development style partnership works well and produces improved reliability outcomes.


Technology drives us in our path to find solutions for our customer’s applications problems. Kamra is a modern engineering company with solid fundamentals in materials metallurgy, heat treatments, coatings and metal spray and all machining processes. It is only through using the world’s best available materials, practices and processes and machine tools that product and service quality can be to the highest standards. Kamra continually invests in all these areas together with our single most significant resource, our people.